New Website

New website finished, and it's powered by Jekyll.

September 03, 2018 by Espi

New Site

After about a week's worth of work, learning some basic Jekyll, and some effort, the new site is here!

At first I was very hesitant working with Jekyll - I don't like learning new things. But when Bob insisted I give it a try, I did. And I'm satisfied with the results and experience.

The first attempt was all-dark, bluish theme, and it was a pain to work with. It didn't work well and it looked terrible. I decided to restart, basing a lot of this off my previous site.

Compared to my old site, I've cut the CSS down from 172 lines to just 38 due to me relying more on Bulma like I should have in the first place. I've also simplified everything. It's quite easy to work with.

With Jekyll, I've setup a blogging system so I can just have a blog on my site, not using external sources like Ghost or Medium. I plan on posting things somewhat frequently as I find interesting stuff to talk about.

If you'd like to view the site on GitHub, you can view it here. My previous site can be viewed here if for some reason you'd like to see that, although I don't recommend it.