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New website finished, and it's powered by Jekyll.

September 03, 2018 by Espi

About Me

I create websites for my own projects and clients and contribute to other people's.

I'm also quite experienced with building and repairing computers and other technology.

Tech stuff aside, I like playing games. You can view my Steam profile here. I also enjoy music.

I spend my spare time on Discord managing a couple of communities and just chilling with people.

If you would like to get to know me more, feel free to join one of the Discord servers below to chat with me.

About the Site

In Fall 2017, I made my first website, based off of the Bulma framework.

However, I kept learning more skills and decided to re-make my website one day.

In Early 2018 I had went with a colourful and flashy site design. I disliked it quickly.

In Spring 2018, I made a simpler website, however it was lacking. You can find that here.

Afterwards, I wanted to expand my website and include a blog so I decided Jekyll would be a good option.

This website was originally made in mid-2018 and uses Jekyll and Bulma. It's also still in active development.

Contact Me

Discord: 🎀 Espi ღ#2092

Twitter: @espiuwu

Keybase: @AeroFusion