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New website finished, and it's powered by Jekyll.

September 03, 2018 by Espi

About Me

I create websites for my own projects and clients and contribute to other people's.

I'm also fairly experienced with building and repairing computers and other electronics.

Tech stuff aside, I like games, especially source games. HL2 CTF is pretty fun. I also enjoy listening to music.

I spend most of my spare and free time on Discord managing a couple of communities and just chilling with people.

If you'd like to get to know me more, feel free to contact me on Discord @ Espi ✨#2092 or join the the servers below.

About the Site

My start to web development began in early 2017 after I saw a friend's site.

I especially admired dnomaid's site at the time and I used his old site as a base.

In Fall 2017, I eventually made my own site, based off of Bulma. I still enjoy using Bulma for my sites.

However, as I kept gaining more and more skills I realized this site was terrible at the time and I started over.

In Early 2018 I had an overly flashy, but functional website. However, I then began to despise how bloated it was.

After some events happened I put it off until Summer 2018, I made a simpler (but too basic) site. You can find that here.

After I had saw Bob Pony's new website and how complex it was, I wanted to use Jekyll and step make my site more featured.

Finally, I took the best elements from my previous site and combined it with Jekyll and better markup to get the finished product.

Contact Me

Discord: Espi ✨#2092

Twitter: @espiuwu

Keybase: @AeroFusion